Stocking Stuffer Guide: For The Explorer

Now that Halloween has come and gone, we're shamelessly cranking up the holiday spirit to Elf-level (best holiday movie ever) and sharing some of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas! Because obviously, we are into the little things around here and there's just something about emptying out a stocking to find a smorgasbord of little treasures. So without further ado, our stocking stuffer gift ideas for the explorers, hikers, campers, and all-around adventurers in your life!

Whistle  |  John Muir Patch  |  Fish Knife  |  Knot Pocket Guide  |  Brass Flashlight  |  First Aid Kit  |  Vintage Red Binoculars  |  Mini Cast Iron Pan  |  Campfire Patch  |  Vintage John Muir Trail Map  |  Camp Pin  |  Marshmallow Slingshot  |  Bandana  |  Sasquatch Soap  |  Harmonica  |  Rollup Backgammon  |  Redwoods Pins  |  Audubon Bird Call  |  Stormproof Matches  |  Pocket Bellows  |  "How To Build A Fire" Book  |  Mini Hozuki Lantern  |  Compass Patch  |  Campfire Cobbler Maker