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Method 1: Peel & Stick

This method is the simplest and quickest way to start using your Fox & Bagel embroidered sticker patch! The temporary, peel and stick application is suitable for most fabrics and surfaces. Not recommended for leather fabrics. The patch can be removed at any time. 

If you use this method, do not launder your item as the patch will come off. We recommend spot cleaning your patch instead. 

Method 2: Iron It

Iron your embroidered patch on high for 30 seconds for a semi-permanent application to natural, tight-weave fabrics like denim, cotton, linen or wool. Always check your fabric's label and care instructions first! This method is not recommended for leather, coated/waterproof fabrics, elastic fabrics, nylon fabrics and any other fabrics that may not be suitable for the high heat of an iron. For those types of fabrics, opt for the sewing method instead.

Hand wash to extend the life of your patch. Do not machine dry. 


Method 3: Sew It

Sew on your patch by hand for the most permanent application to most fabrics. We recommend using an "invisible" nylon thread for the best appearance, like this one by Singer that you can purchase from most craft stores. Sew around the patch edge using small, dense stitches. Make sure your end knots are tight and secure as nylon thread can be a little slippery to work with. 

Hand wash to extend the life of your patch. Do not machine dry. 


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